Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Baby squash

I was so intent on looking for groundhog damage that i missed these things this morning:

I have fat fingers! ha ha

And this....can you guess?

It's a tomatillo flower!

Oh, and that last Picture Post i forgot to post these:

Germander seedlings:

Echinacea paradoxa seedlings:

They spend some time in the fridge...

A few posts ago i had mentioned that i had taken the Sea-Buckthorn seeds out of the fridge after they were being stratified in there, but i misspoke. It was the Echinacea that i had brought out and those are the ones sprouting above.  So if i think to, i might go back and edit that.


Faith said...

Congratulations on the baby squash. :o) That ought to be ready for eating in just a few days! We ate our first three yesterday.


icebear said...

Oh, wow...i'm not too far behind you! The plant with the squash is one of the frost survivors. The plant is still quite small, you could cover it entirely by putting a 5gallon bucket over it, but this is the type that one plant is said to provide well for a family of 4. The first year i tried them, i planted 3 and also planted zucchini... lots of grilled zukes and squash that summer!
If i ate bread i'd have planted more for zucchini or squash bread, i also had an incredible chocolate zuchini cake recipe from an aunt. But this year any excess will be frozen or dehydrated.
I'm excited that my Tomatillos are blooming, i don't remember that they produce this early before. I successfully planted them when i first bought those seeds in 2002, but they never ripened enough to use (all other attempts failed for various reasons). If they are flowering now and they set, i should have usable fruit in a matter of weeks. Tomatillos make a better salsa than tomatoes IMHO ;o)