Saturday, June 26, 2010

Planning and plotting...

Today i plan to pick the Kohlrabi. They are going to be on the small side, but they type i have (early purple vienna) isn't  supposed to get to baseball size. I do wish they were bigger, but i think the plant is more likely to try and regrow leaves first rather than continue enlarging its bulb so i'm just going to make a single meal of the golf ball sized veggie.  I think i could put down some buckwheat seeds to hold the space for the seedlings i'll plant later.

It looks like the garden remains unraided again today.  Three days in a row with no new defilement. 

Today is nice and cool, it would be a great day to catch up with weeding but hubby and the oldest are probably going to be out visiting his sister  today, so i won't have anyone to  watch the toddler.  I'd have her outside with me, but she won't stick around and sitting in the stroller is not good enough for her.  She loves being outside, which is great, but it has to be her playtime 100%, not my time to get anything done. :o)

I wish my bulbing fennel was either bigger or needed thinning cause i'd send some over to my sister in law (she's the Chef and beautiful things can be done with baby fennel). I'm going to try and pot up a couple rosemary plants for her if i have the time to get out there and do it before hubby and daughter #1 head out.

I had wanted to grow way more herbs than i was actually able to get out this year. I have some seeds that are perennials, like winter savory and peppermint, and i think either oregano and thyme are perennial- or both are, i'd have to look it up again.  Anyway, i lost many of them to frost and the rest i  still haven't planted because i don't have a permanent place for them yet. 

I wanted to get going on those flowerbeds by now but the heat and weather came in so it hasn't happened....  but when it does, i want to put the herbs in there i think. 

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