Monday, July 26, 2010


They have 4 days to ripen if i am going to meet my goal of garden tomatoes before August.
I have never written it down anyplace that i can remember but i don't know for sure when tomato season usually starts.

A lot of them are getting pretty big but no obvious ripening yet.

I tamed the Birdhouse gourd yesterday. I had been pulling at it and trying to redirect the way it grew, but it was going where it wanted anyway.  So i got the big kitchen scissors out. Anything going toward the center of the garden was removed.  I discovered a few little watermelon fruits were hiding under all those leaves.  Some are oval and plenty that are perfectly round.
The gourd was also crawling over my rosemary plot and the two strawberries from seed that made it (those are looking good actually)  and the Shiso plant.
I'll have to look back at my seed list to remind myself of which plants are watermelon, and which are cantaloupe type, also which ones the oval ones belong to.  I know Pony Yellow is a round type, but that is as much as i am sure of.

I also toned down hubby's pumpkin. It was getting impossible to get past it in the row and it was encroaching on my onions.  I also had to trim and redirect my summer squash plants. They were trying to crawl into the aisles and they were shading out my globe artichokes.  I had expected my globe artichokes  to be taller in their first year than they turned out to be.  They are barely 8" off the ground, if that. I have no idea if that is normal.  One did try to produce a tiny choke about the size of my thumb. The plants are  fairly wide but not tall at all.

I have lots of things to take pictures of to keep the monthly/weekly growth comparisons current.

From the back:






Faith said...

It looks great up there! I just sent Michael down to see if we've got any ripe melons yet. There is one melon plant that is dying, I don't know if the melons will ripen quickly or rot. Hopefully he can tell me when he gets back.

Picking melons is such guesswork!


icebear said...

The largest watermelon i have gotten was a sugarbaby and it was only the size of a candlepin bowling ball. I don't think it was ripe when we picked it, but it frosted the night after so that was why we took it. The next time i tried i think it was another sugarbaby plant and something ate its only fruit when it was the size of a racquetball. Munched it right in half! So we never got to try it.
So far i have a tennis ball sized pony yellow and the oval one i found is about the size of a grocery store lime. There are a few golf ball and large marble sizes...

I have no idea if there will be enough time for them to enlarge and ripen. If it does not work this year i will use up what seed i have for melons one more year and i might as well give up at that point.
It would be nice to pick my own melons, but if they can't produce in my garden its using space that i could use for plants that will provide.

Hopefully your melons will make it too, last year was such a disappointment for you.