Friday, July 30, 2010

We have another woodchuck.

Its about time....
This one has gone for the collards,  He's eaten 3 of them pretty bad.  The plants are big enough to recover by now,  but he took quite a chunk out of them. Its amazing how much they can eat. 

So i have the Havahart trap set and i hope i catch him quickly so he can find a new home.
I spread some blood and bone meal out in the garden to see it it can maybe keep him out and make the bait look like a better deal.
Only problem is that the dog thinks the bags were full of treats (the bone meal smells like cheap dog treats- for good reason) and she was almost howling while i was hand-broadcasting it. She thought she was being teased i guess.
I've concluded that Bassets are totally ruled by food. lol

I think the green beans are about done,  but i haven't been able to get out there and pick. There were a lot of little ones still starting the last time i was out looking closely. I'll try to make it a priority.  I should get another pound or two out of them if they haven't gone by.  A lot of them were coming out crescent shaped, i was told that this happens when things get dry and it was dry for a time there.
My legs hurt so bad last night that i was nauseous... so i don't know if i may have to send my oldest out to pick or maybe hubby will be willing to.
I don't know if he has ever picked green beans before. :oP  My oldest only picks cucumbers.
But i need to try and do it cause i promised the neighbors some more summer squash and i haven't gotten it to them yet. I have some in the fridge, but there is something in me that won't allow myself to give them 3 & 4 day old produce.

I keep forgetting to update the harvest record on the side bar. I really wanted to keep it going so next year i have some idea of what to expect and to decide what to do if i expand a little.  I guess i'm just not that dedicated, lol!

I have gotten well over 30# of food so far from green beans and squash to cukes and Swiss chard.  That's not so bad considering i never got any cauliflower and only 2 nubs of broccoli, and i harvest the SS so small.

 I'm trying to revive my Kefir grains.  They got neglected in the refrigerator about 5 months ago. I wasn't finding the time to refresh them every day and drink the milk so i set them in the fridge and lost track of it.  Its hard to tell if they are kefiring or if the milk is just souring,  it smells like Kefir, but i think i'm going to discard the milk for a few more days just to be sure.

I gave the grapes some bone meal as well as the berries.  I couldn't find anything else at the store with a higher P number that didn't look like fruity pebbles cereal or cost an arm and a leg.

I think that's it for today... and i am awaiting delivery of my canner.  It is like Christmas in July!


Faith said...

Those grains should hopefully just be in hibernation. (Like mine are as well LOL) With a couple of weeks of diligent changes, they should wake up OK.

Woodchuck + TNT = Happy Stew

That leg! Remember what it was like when we could run and walk normally? It was so cool! We'll do that again one day.


icebear said...

i think the TNT would make easy work of the woodchuck, it will rain down pre-minced. lol

Can't wait to run and fly!

Lexa said... thankful that we don't have them in Oregon! From everything that I have read, they can devour enormous amounts of garden produce in one night. Hope that you are feeling better too!

icebear said...

They can, its crazy. Its worse in the early summer when the plants are small. This one got to 3 big collards, but if it was like the earlier one all my collards would be gone.
Its been nibbling my carrots, parsnips and even the sweet potato.
Nothing in the trap yet...but i have seen it.

Lexa said...

I am intrigued that you are growing sweet potatoes in Maine. I have always been to chicken to try them in Oregon. But if you can successfully grown them, then hmm...... :)

icebear said...

Well, to be honest i don't know if i can grow sweet potatoes up here successfully. I had one from the grocery store that sprouted in the pantry. It was late winter and i coaxed it to keep growing on the windowsill in a pan of water. Then when it was warm enough i planted it. At that point i decided i could see what it might do. I don't even know the type, but it is trying to grow well.

I am pretty sure sweet potatoes can be grown up here, i think i saw something at Johnny's Selected Seeds' blog about it. And the book "Root Cellaring" may have mentioned a good type for northern areas.
But for me, this single plant is pure experiment, if it produces anything at all i might actually plant SP next year and expect to harvest something.