Monday, July 5, 2010

Woke up to no power this morning. Its weird when that happens, everything is so quiet.  It took a few minutes to decide that it was not something caused by our end.  Then i started planning my day according to having no power. Like reducing the times i open the fridge, which windows to keep open to let in cool air rather than hot.
Then the power came back on.  Its supposed to get into the 90's again today it is nice to know we would have air conditioning and the fridge won't be in trouble.   The local news has mentioned nothing about the power going out so whatever it was, it apparently wasn't critical enough to draw the attention of our very bored and overreactive  local news stations.

The majority of my corn plants did manage to reach the "knee high" goal for the Fourth of July.  Some didn't do very well at all though. I had some seeds leftover from 2008 "Incredible" was the name. It germinated well the first time i planted it, but not so well this time around.  Since it came up so thin, i went ahead and planted that packet of Purple Podded bush beans i bought the other day. The Stowell's Evergreen and Golden Bantam seem to be doing well enough.

Saw my first Monarch butterfly of the year yesterday. It looked like it was thinking about laying its eggs on one of my uncertainly identified perennials... it came tangled with another plant i bought, which died during winter.  The seller of the original plant told me that the stowaway was a white hyssop.  Since it now has pink buds i have decided that was a missidentification.  I think it might be some sort of milkweed, but i have not gotten a close enough look to be sure of which one.  I tore the tip of one leaf and there was a small bit of milky sap.  I'm leaning toward Swamp Milkweed (Asclepias incarnata) I looked for Monarch eggs, but didn't see any.

It has been three days now since the last raid on my garden. My Swiss Chard is almost recovered enough to harvest some for myself.

Not much else to report i guess and i have some busywork to do around the house today...  Have to pick up some odds and ends at the hardware store too.


Leah Rachelle said...

I'm glad that the power came back on. Our lights keep browning out on certain days. I'm ready for rain (as are my plants!)

We too have a bored news crew. Our paper gets smaller every week, and the local stations go over the same thing time and time again. Probably why I'm not very informed, I just stay away from the TV!

Faith said...

I need to be more prepared here. We have all electric. I dread the power going out for a long period of time in the winter. Snow, can't get out, no heat, no hot water, no cooking, no phone, no nothing.

I guess all of us on the Eastern side are in for heat this week!~