Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Woodchuck #2 has been apprehended....

My sources say that a 10 mile ride is about right for relocation. We know of a few places where a woodchuck won't become someone else's problem, will be able to quickly make itself at home and have plenty of forage.

I used the Mantis as a weed-eater in the walking rows of the garden.  Well, most of them anyway... the vining plants are taking over too widely and were in the way too much. I got what i could.  It clogged up  the tines quite a bit!  I also snapped my wrist good and sharp with the handle of the starter cord. Right where i got a cortizone shot for tendinitis around this time last year. I really hope it won't inflame again!

I also carved out the rest of the area that needs weed fabric and will become home to the Beach Plums and whatever else i come up with.

We got about an inch of rain last night, we are now right about where we should be for average rainfall this year. I treated the tomatoes for blights since its a preventative thing. The alternative is for them to contract it themselves and be part of the spreading of it. I'd rather that not happen.
Almost all of the plants have a green fruit on them by now.

I just got back from the dentist, needed my one filling replaced,  it was loose.  They had to numb me to the eyebrow cause i kept feeling it. So i'm not feeling all that well.  Anxiety attacks are awful.


Faith said...

Aw. Anxiety attacks are not fun at all! I hope your mouth is not hurting much.

You need to just rest and treat yourself.

I need to get down to the garden and see what needs to be done. I'm sure it's loads, but it's been days. Pretty much since the Fourth. I'm sure the melons have probably overtaken the paths before I could deal a final blow to the weeds. I did see that something, probably grasshoppers, has completely defoliated my Swiss chard. That has never happened before, and the grasshoppers are all over this year. :o/

I get trouble with inflammation on irritated places as well. What would normally just affect an area locally on others, and on myself before lupus became a factor, will now spread throughout a whole area. For instance, if I rap my knuckles good and hard, my entire arm will flare up for weeks. It's a hindrance, for certain.


icebear said...

I don't know what is wrong with me, i used to be able to take things in stride for the most part. now i freak out. This was just a quick repair, so it shouldn't have been so unnerving.

I'm glad the weather was clear enough for me to do some outside stuff. Catching the woodchuck was a much neede bonus. Its getting sunny again, so i have to put it in a nice shady spot until hubby gets home and takes it to its new location.

Lupus is pretty tough to deal with i have been told. A friend's mother had it when i was growing up and i remember she was always worried about getting sunburn, it makes sense in light of what you experience. I never asked much about my friend's mom, you didn't tend to ask adults lots of personal questions when you are 9. :o) My leg is sort of like that (in a very general sense), i stubbed my toes yesterday and my whole leg felt it. Made me feel nauseous. Not for weeks though!

We have more grasshoppers than i usually see around here, but i think in our case its because the rest of the new yard is overrun with weeds until we can get to work on it and get it grassed. We need to spread topsoil there first, then seed it. All we do now is mow the weeds to keep them in line. But i bet your chard looked yummy to your grasshoppers because everything had been so dry over there.

Uggh. i feel so wiped out now. i hate feeling wiped out for no good reason! lol

Faith said...

I think so much of it has to do with stress. I don't know how much stress you deal with in your life at this time, but as things got more and more difficult with my DH my stress levels were already brimming, so it really doesn't take much to set them to overflow.

You know, a circuit breaker is nearly the perfect example of this for me. Only a certain amount of ability to carry a load, when a huge load is being carried, it runs hot and trips at the slightest extra load.

The problem is that circuit breakers also weaken over time and it takes less and less to trip them.

Somewhere in there is the fact that we are to lay these burdens down and allow the Lord to take them so our circuits are not flipping every time we turn around.

I think that's about where the analogy ends. Unless you want the Holy Spirit to be like a live-in electrician, or a giant in-house power plant. LOL

I think I'm tired. :oP


icebear said...

Yeah, analogies and such, they can only go so far. :o) Nothing on Earth can rightly describe Him... but close enough can make sense.
I'd say i'm getting old, but women past my age do better than i am.
But i have definitely passed that age where you can sometimes feel invincible.
Is long as i can find something constructive to do that is fascinating, i can keep going :o)