Friday, August 6, 2010

First tomato!

I did pick our first tomato of the summer yesterday, perhaps a tad early but i kind of wanted to pick it and so i did.  They finish ripening well indoors off the vine anyway.

Of course this one tomato is well ahead of the others,  i don't expect another ripe one any time soon. A little disappointing, but i can handle it.

I have been watering the bare part of the yard as often as i can- we seeded it with grass seed and of course we have gotten almost no rain since.  But i see a green haze forming out there which means the tiny needle-like blades have emerged from the soil. I can't wait for it to look green and healthy since it has looked like a barren wasteland for so long now.

To look at the yard you can see that all our efforts were put into the veggie garden this year. :o)

Horizon Herbs is holding all plant orders until the middle of September due to the heat wave,  so thats ok.

I learned from a recent blog entry at The Never Done Farm that dehydrated zucchini makes a good substitute for potato chips.  I'm wondering how well they compare since i eat low carb- but since i have not had a potato chip in ages- i wonder if i will notice if they are very different.  I can't wait to try it and i wonder if i can quickly deep fry the dried 'chips' to put a little fat into them for the almost greasy potato chip authenticity.  I guess i can slice my yellow squash on my mandoline, soak the slices in salted water, drain and dehydrate.
Now all i need is the weather to cool it so i can run the dehydrators without making the air conditioners compete.

Now, about the weather.  For some reason its supposed to get down to the 40's tonight. Last night the forecast for tonight's overnight lows was low 40's. Thank goodness that has been raised to about 47F because i think 40F might actually be damaging.
Saturday its only supposed to be in the mid 70s in the day, that will be nice from the last few days in the high 80's.  We had been expecting rain and thunder yesterday, but the clouds literally danced around us and we got no more than a few drops, not even sprinkles.  It was cloudy all day and the humidity was crazy, so at least things didn't dry out.
Today it is dry and sunny.


Faith said...

I must have missed Kelle's post on that. I do have zucchini chips that need eating. I'll give that a try. With home made salsa... might be really excellent!

I'm on a fruit and veggie only fast for a few days, so I could enjoy it immensely.

How wonderful to see your grass growing. I'd love to see that greenish tinge above the house. :o)

I looked at the long range forecast that was just released by ... whoever the government long range forecast people are... and they predicted a warmer and drier winter for me, and for you, a battle between warmer-drier and blizzardly. I guess that leaves you guessing all winter. No fun, but always exciting.


icebear said...

Should be an interesting winter then!
The only winter i have a problem with is the ones where it is supercold with no snowcover... very bad for borderline z5 hardy plants.

Speaking of which, i need to get those beach plum saplings planted soon or they won't get their roots in order soon enough.

I remember you dried an assortment of veggies from your garden in the past. I'd like to try that too, with my current dehydrators i have no temp control, so i don't know what they are doing to the nutritional value.

The grass is a pain. lol Its been dry and i have to water it with a broken swingy sprinkler that is left-biased. so, before one side is watered right i have puddles on the left! haha. I have to station it about 6 times to get all the area and the edges and then i have to babysit the thing in case it gets stuck in one direction.
However, it sure will be nice to see a smooth green surface out there. Its likely been more than a century since grass has grown on that spot. The house that burned was built at the turn of the century (as was ours). We still look over there and are amazed that that a whole house once stood in that spot.