Saturday, August 14, 2010

Its a motivation thing.

I have been taking pictures and doing stuff, but i think its rather sad that the reason i haven't made an entry lately has been because it is such a hassle to get the pictures from my camera to the netbook.
Its not really that hard, but try doing this with a toddler who is trying to get to your coffee, keyboard, camera and camera cable all at the same time- while you are trying to save the coffee cup from being spilled, fending off miniature arms, legs, knees and elbows while pushing the right buttons at the right time and making sure files go where they should.

She's content with her toys until the camera and the cable come out.

During her nap, i have other things that need doing, so i rarely complete and entry during her nap.
If she's too rambunctious i simply don't get to play.

Or i get to try and put it all together in small bits.

I'm going to try and put together a real entry today if possible because i do have things worth writing down.


Faith said...

I remember those toddler days. Seems every five minutes is taken up with some little thing.

At the end, all you remember is the sweet hugs and kisses. LOL


icebear said...

it is a lot of fun having her, sometimes i have so much stuff to do that it makes it hard to do anything, so i see things backing up. it turns out right in the end though! :o)