Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tomato days

While not super productive, i think its safe to say i have gotten about 10 pounds of tomatoes so far from the garden.
As soon as i get enough of them i will have to start processing them since even though it is not overwhelming, it is more than we can use right away.

There hasn't been a whole lot going on around here, just basic maintenance. The grass on the new part of the lawn is coming in and its beginning to look less like a toxic wasteland.

I have gotten a few small and sparse ears of corn from the stalks.  The green beans continue to produce sporadically, the summer squash has slowed down and is making some deformed fruit. I think that has to do with the dryness.
Still no significant rain in quite some time.  The rest of my state seems to be fine for rainfall, but the little area i am in keeps getting missed.

I am waiting for my one large cabbage to be ready, the other ones are starting to get solid, the Job's Tears are producing recognisable  seeds.

I picked a perfect Fooled You Jalapeno yesterday, there are a few more small ones out there.

The watermelons  seem to have stopped getting bigger, now i assume they are heading toward ripening.

The cucumbers have stopped i think,  there are one or two still growing but they are small, i don't see any new  flowers on them either.

The Jerusalem Artichokes are really getting tall, they are taller than the corn stalks. One end of the row is much higher than the other, it gets more water than the last end when the yard gets watered.

The weeds around the asparagus need to be dealt with, i can barely see the fronds.

That's pretty much it.


Faith said...

My J Arts are not that tall. They hit about 4 feet and just got bushy. It may very well have been the lack of rain.

We've been getting rain for the last few weeks, but nothing is growing much. I don't blame them. I would not feel like growing out there either. Too hot and muggy.

We had good luck on our melons this year. Michael is getting good at the thump test. The cantaloupe are not real flavorful though.


icebear said...

I wish i was good at the thump test, i'm scared to pick the melons and be wrong. I only have one of each so its not like i have many chances! lol

Glad you are getting good melons this year! I wonder why the cantaloupe aren't tasty, what type are they?