Monday, September 27, 2010


I keep trying to find the time to do a full entry here but it isn't happening. lol

This isn't a dead blog and i have not lost interest-  its a time and health thing.

I have taken pictures of a few harvests with the idea in mind of recording it itno the blog, so its not like i haven't had anything to write about.
I have been spending my time listening to audio books while i struggle to keep up with general housework. When i start feeling pain too much to do any more work i try to keep occupied by crocheting- still while listening to audio books, sermons or current events radio programs.
I have been getting so tired that chewing food can be exhausting-  i am looking into finding out why.

I haven't even kept up very well with the blogs i love to follow. Much to my own annoyance, lol.

So that is what is up.  I plan to be back soon with an update-  it was a great Summer, i learned a lot and was greatly blessed with some beautiful produce. Oh i can't wait to use what i learned this year on next year's garden.

God Bless!


Faith said...

Maybe it's in the air. I'm exhausted and really hurting lately as well.

Love the chance you have to listen to some things, though. We've got a couple of days of rain down here, so we are keeping quiet inside for the most part and I get to light candles and listen to classical music while Michael does his schoolwork.

I'm waiting to post on some projects til they are completed. So hopefully a couple of them this coming week. :o)

Take care, up there!


Mal's Allotment said...

Take care, Polar Bear.

It's important to allow yourself the time to get over this.

Get well soon.

Lexa said...

We miss you but it is most important to take care of yourself!