Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I don't like those mornings when i wake up too early and can't get back to sleep.  Today it was about 4am. I tried to catch up on some stuff but i am not with it enough. I thought i had more comments to try and catch up on replying to, but i can't seem to find them.  Maybe they were on the other person's blog.  That is something i wish i was better at keeping up with. I like having blog conversations, but i'm terrible at remembering where i  replied and remembering where i wanted to but didn't.  I wish there was a feature that would show me where i have been. :o)
I did check the tracking on my dehydrator and it has arrived at the FedEx facility in my town, expected to be delivered today. Yay!

I picked another big bowl of tomatoes yesterday. I wonder what i'll dehydrate first? Jerky or tomatoes, lol.

I bought a bunch of oxygen absorbers from Honeyville and they arrived yesterday. I have plenty of new quart jars for storing dried items.  I still have the dehydrator book from the library.

So i guess this is as exciting as its going to get for a while. lol


Faith said...

Yup. After such a great night of sleep before, this morning I was up at 2:15. I TnTd for an hour, got up and dimmed this computer screen, after checking email, grabbed my iPod and took some Bible study back to bed with me. I must have dozed off after about an hour. A voice talking will lull me to sleep.

Do you subscribe to the entries you comment on? For most of my subs, I get an email sent to my gmail account when there is another comment. There are a couple of subs that go somewhere else -- I have no idea where. LOL

Rosh Ha'Shannah today!


icebear said...

never thought of subbing, i'll have to try that!
i used to listen to audio programs and sermons before the little one was born, but since she crawls into our bed most nights, i don't want to have the cords of the ear buds in the bed for safety reasons. so i miss being able to do that.
I don't get to listen to much anymore because the speakers on my netbook are so wimpy and the optional accessory speakers i hook up to it are very tempting for the baby to play with. I can't just set things up and then move around the house if they are at all within her reach. She's learning to tantrum as well, so its been rather hectic. lol