Sunday, March 20, 2011

First day of Spring

So even if i don't have anything to babble about, i think i should write something.
Weatherwise we are in for a slush storm. Apparently throughout tomorrow and tomorrow night we are expecting about 4 inches of mess. It's not likely to stick for long and the wetness will soften the snow underneath.

We had  fairly windy weather the other day. Gusts of over 50 Mph.  It blew down one of our fence panels, it was the front corner on the not-so-nice neighbors side.  Hubby fixed it when he got home and checked on a few others that may have loosened in the wind.  Anyhow, the wind didn't melt the snow but it sure dried it away a quite a bit so that was worth putting up with.

No word from the seed flat i sowed the other day. I think i'll start a flat of leeks soon.  Everyone else seems to be doing it around now. I love leeks, they aren't very common up here and they can be a little expensive. This year will be my first time trying it. I'll have to drag the mini greenhouse(s) up from the basement because i'll be wintersowing them and the other cool weather crops.

So hopefully the slush we are expecting won't stick too long and we won't have one of those late springs.


KathyB. said...

You and my husband get your seed from the same place. My husband is the gardener, I tend the animals..chickens, turkeys, sheep, doves.

I like your term "slush storm". I just read a few of your posts and enjoyed them .

Spring is on the way though, isn't it? You will be out gardening soon, weeding and harvesting your yummy vegetables and enjoying the WARM sunshine!

icebear said...

I like to support local companies and we're lucky in Maine to have both Johnny's and Pinetree (there is also FedCo, but i haven't tried them yet).

I enjoy your blog with all the stories about the animals- most of them are animals i'd like to keep if i had much more space and skill.

It looked as though this snow wouldn't accumulate to much, but it did anyway and it looks like its going to stick and be here for a while.
But you are right, Spring always manages to get here somehow! Hopefully sooner rather than later! lol