Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Second seed order-

I managed to submit my order last night to Pinetree.  I tried to be good about not ordering extras. I was mainly intending to get only Pruden's Purple tomatoes, Golden Zebra summer squash, a large packet of radish mix and Provider bush beans.  But i caved a bit when i remembered i didn't have a short-vining winter squash. I have never grown Butternut squash myself, though it is my favorite squash at the grocery store. I was happy to find a seeds for a compact growing  Butternut simply called "Early Butternut", so i added a packet to my order. I also found another open pollinated broccoli besides the Waltham 29- which i read may have universally degraded. I love broccoli, so i don't mind trying more than a few types so i added Nutri-Bud to my order.
I also ordered 'refills' of my two types of onions i planted last year- Ailsa Craig Exhibition white onions and Southport Red Globe.  I'm pretty sure those were the only extras so even though i did add those i think i still did well!

I also have printed my stash list and highlighted only the seeds i intend to use this year. Its a reasonable handful i think.

Mostly Final List 2011

Bush Bean- Provider
Bush Bean- Jacob's Cattle

Beet- Crosby Egyptian

Broccoli- Rapa, Spring Raab
Broccoli- Nutri-Bud
Broccoli- Purple Sprouting

Brussels Sprouts- Bubbles

Cabbage- Krautman
Cabbage- Mammoth Red Rock

Collards- Vates

Corn- Hopi Blue
Corn- Oaxacan Green

Cucumber- Beit Alpha
Cucumber- Boston Pickling
Cucumber- Spacemaster
Cucumber- Specialty White

Eggplant- Raveena
Eggplant- Slim Jim

Greens- Longevity
Greens- Arugula
Greens- Pak Choi, Red Choi
Greens- Pak Choi, Brisk Green
Greens- Rose Orach

Kale- Chinese Kai Lan Queen
Kale- Red Russian
Kale- Starbor

Kohlrabi- Early Purple Vienna
Kohlrabi- Kossack

Leeks- American Flag

Onion- Ailsa Craig Exhibition
Onion- Southport Red Globe

Radish, mix of Pinetree's mix and last year's French Breakfast, Hailstone and Round Black

Rutabaga- Laurentan

Shallot- Ambition
Shallot- Picador

Summer Squash- Golden Zebra

Tomato- Banana Legs
Tomato-German Orange Strawberry
Tomato- San Marzano Lampadina
Tomato- Sweet Chelsea

Winter Squash- Early Butternut

Herbs- assorted culinary herbs tucked among plants with Companion Planting theory in mind
Flowers- Nasturtiums and marigolds tucked here and there as above

From my experience last year, i think that by the time the Purple Vienna and Pak Chois are ready to harvest, it will be time (soil nice and warm) to plant the eggplant and peppers.  I'm hoping to get a good grasp of succession planting this year. The rows will also run North to South instead of East to West this year.  I think i should put the corn in the Easternmost row and cucumbers 2 rows forward, the cole crops can go between, i'm hoping this will keep them cool when the heat comes in.
I still have a good half row to fill in, likely with kales.

The number of cucumber plants is no mistake, my family loves them and i hope to learn to pickle as well.  I love my green veggies so the makeup of the garden is mostly cool, green crops that will hopefully freeze or can nicely. I also want to try making sauerkraut.  Not sure where the potatoes might go if i decide to plant any. Radishes will be sprinkled here and there as early as i can get them in.

Its sunny and warm outside, i can almost hear the snow melting!


Lexa said...

I love the tile "mostly final" on your seed list. Your my kinda girl..there is always room for one more! BTW, I love the map that you made and shared. That is such a neat way to visualize what you have and how much space it is going to take up in the garden.

icebear said...

I'm glad i am not alone in that! I'm really trying to be organized and reasonable this year :O)
The map is from a garden planner program called GroVeg. I'm a very visual person so i'd be lost without it. Its also a lot of fun to play with- if you are the sort of person who finds garden planning software to be fun. lol