Sunday, March 27, 2011

Seedlings up

Looks like the Hoya is very close to blooming.

Yay!  It also looks like my very last and very old Cherokee Purple seed was viable and even vigorous. The seed leaves are well formed. When they are shrivelly , i am told, it means that the seed was essentially no good.  If i don't accidentally murder this seedling i hope to save the seeds so i can have some for next year.  They are suppsed to be a very sweet tomato, even better than Brandywines perhaps.  I can't wait to find out.


Snapper, a sweet bell pepper is up.

 Slim Jim eggplant is just starting out.  I got no fruit from this last year- i think wintersowing is not beneficial to eggplant. I think exposure to so much cold does not allow them to get in gear soon enough. This flat of seeds was germinated with bottom heat from a 60 watt incandescent bulb.  I hope to get sturdy plants by planting time.

 Below is another eggplant i am trying. Like Slim Jim, this one is a long , slender type, only green rather than purple.  The entire Slim Jim plant is a velvety purple- the two of these plants with or without fruit should be an interesting contrast in colors.  This variety is compact, can be container-grown and is described as being suited to my cooler climate.

 One of the Stocks are up...but that's it so far.

I'm still waiting anxiously for the durned snow to melt.

 It really is giving way, though slowly.  Along the roadsides, the snow is all but gone. Many yards are free of snow. The last few days of cold has not allowed the grass to green up yet.  Its been in the 30's and very windy. After Monday the weather forecasters are saying we should have 40's through the remainder of the week. I wish i had enough black plastic to cover the whole garden and absorb that sunlight!


Lexa said...

Wow! Your seedlings are looking super. I dream of the day that I will have a green house so that I can start all sorts of fun things like you. Don't get discouraged about your snow..rememeber , it wasn't very long ago that you were buried deep in the stuff. Now you can see brown lawn- that's a start - ha ha!

icebear said...

I will have a real greenhouse some day, not sure how but i'll figure it out. Planting things in old aquariums and using my 'mini greenhouse' does get me by though :)

Its true about the snow. Much of it was above the mid rib of the fence- and that is close to 4 feet up. Our yard filled up like a big box of snow. Its interesting how much much a fence can change things. Some of the grass is just beginning to green up in the last day or so. Any color lawn is good this time of year- except white!