Thursday, March 17, 2011

Started seed starting

I got the peppers and eggplant started. I'm using an old 30 long glass aquarium as an hot box, I have lots of spare aquariums. I'm always changing my mind on what i like for fishkeeping.  Having worked at a pet store and specializing in aquatics i gathered a large collection of various tanks and stands as well as equipment.

I planted in cleaned-out 9 packs from last year.  I hadn't realized that i'd want to fill out all 6 sets of 9packs in the flat, so i did plant some extras.  Most of what i intend to plant has to have cool conditions (brassicas) or be direct sown (corn, beans) so i had to pick some unplanned extras.
I have some orach and amaranth which are good leaf plants that are nice additions to salads and i remembered to buy some seed for Stocks flowers.  I got those cause they were the only thing that made me feel like smiling at my grandfather's funeral service. He was a gardening man so i think he'd appreciate it if i use those flowers to remember him by.

So, this is my just-sown list:

Midnight Red Amaranth
Rose Orach
Mammoth excelsior mix Stocks
Raveena Eggplant
Snapper sweet bell pepper
Zsa Zsa sweet pepper

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