Saturday, April 16, 2011

Did i ever write anything about Phoenixworm Composting?

Its yet another form of Vermicomposting.  The insects are voracious eaters, multiply quickly but are harmless.  Its the larvae of a wasp-like fly, (no sting) called a Soldier Fly, that do the work.  They break down compost very quickly and excess larvae can be fed to chickens as a very nutritious treat (high in protein and calcium), making them multi-purpose. Another good thing about them is that they also consume meat and dairy- something that Red Wigglers cannot do. 

They are not expensive to try-  i have wanted to try them myself ever since i read about them last fall.  This is the most recommended online place that i have found.

A google search for them will show many articles about the specifics. Happy hunting!

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