Thursday, May 26, 2011

Found: The Sun

It was amazing yesterday.  Spent much of it outside with the little one, kiddie pool,water hose and assorted outdoor toys.

I took some pictures of what was going on in the yard and garden....

Stanley prune plum is really waking up now

unnamed elderberry

Nova elderberry

York elderberry, at least it should be,  it had lost it's tag before i got it




Marechal Foch

Edelweiss 2, the one that got moved earlier this spring

Asparagus and Welsh onions


Jerusalem artichokes

bumblebee, making up for lost time in the pollination department

apple tree, looks more like a weeping tree. I may need to prune it back more?

rhubarb, taking off as usual

first of the lilacs opening

mixed radishes sprouting

Today is looking good so far, clouds are beginning to filter in so it may turn out hazy for the rest of the day... i'm hoping that's as bad as it gets. For now, its sunny and warm. I have already had the youngest out to play for about an hour until she started getting cranky.

I took a look at the onion bed and i see nothing onion-like coming up. It would sink if all my onion seed fails- but i decided to plant green beans there if that turns out to be the case.

I've been mapping all my garden spots lately- to exercise my obsession with grids and charts...  i'll have to go get detailed measurements of my mini vineyard so i can get them drawn up (hopefully nap time comes early).  The grapes' trunks will get too big for their tags eventually, same with the berry plants getting too bushy. If i map them out i won't have to worry so much about which is which when i really need to know!  I wanted to maks some decorative tags out of Fimo,  but i may never get to it and if i do, hey won't last many years.

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