Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Got back from the nursery later this morning. I had bought some pencil thin onion plants, yellow Spanish. I also bought 3 parsley plants, 3 sage, 2 oregano and one marjoram.

Just got done putting them in when the youngest daughter woke up.  I set the sprinkler to water them and came in.  Half hour naps are not fun.

I was going to prune the dead branches off the hydrangea and seed some more kale, but that isn't going to happen today.

I did startle a woodchuck in the back, it was right about at the fence line where we haven't finished it yet.  I'm going to set the trap as soon as i get the chance to get back out there.  Best to be proactive this time around.  Not too happy about it though, its way too soon to start having to deal with the vermin already.

We had been putting the dog's droppings behind the fence in that area hoping it would deter them.  Our fence is two feet inside our property line and he nice neighbors don't use that part of their yard so its not on their land and not in their way.  But it dosen't seem to have helped. Suburban vermin aren't scared of domestic  dog doo.

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