Thursday, May 19, 2011

Took some pictures

The aerial view

 You can see he newer part of the garden, the soil isn't the same rich, dark brown as the rest

Under the hoops, not as bad as i thought. Looks like even the cukes might be sprouting way back there

Stanley prune plum breaking bud


Apple tree, first open bloom

Dahlia from the nursery

Another dahlia from the nursery,  they are labeled "figaro mix"



Anonymous said...

Love the pics. I can see things are going to speed up rapidly from here on.

I'm bringing on some mixed dahlias tubors. No idea of what they will turn out to be!

p.s. 24 foot of jerusalem artichoke? Your family must love them!

icebear said...

JA's are tasty -i think- plus they have a rep as a famine crop. if the whole garden fails at least i'll have something out of it. ...and squirrels like them too, so overplanting helps ensure there is enough left over for people. lol

I love dahlias, but i don't often keep them. we have harsh winters and i have to lift and store the tubers over winter- something i can never seem to coordinate. these may trial as houseplants this winter.

Hopefully this rainy weather will clear a bit and the plants and seeds will get a good running start! :o)