Saturday, June 18, 2011

basic update

Not much to report. i expect more radishes as the days go by.  No woodchucks yet.  The beans are up, the corn is up...  i have weeded with the scuffle hoe. The potatoes have been located by the Colorado potato beetle, they and the striped cucumber beetles have been Sevin Dusted...

So far so good. Still holding my breath over the woodchucks though.  This will be   a perennial problem.  One year without them will not guarantee the next.

The Sub Arctic tomato seeds i am germ testing haven't done anything yet, but there is still time. One of my tomato plants croaked and another isn't looking so hot, so if the Sub Arctics do get going i have spaces for them to fill.

This is a difficult year for me as the youngest is big enough to get into trouble but not small enough to take long naps like last year.  Everything is done as quickly as possible.  Next year may be easier since she will be 3 and old enough to understand more about why mommy says no.  Big sister may also mature enough to want to help with a willing spirit.

But i'll do what i can as much as i have time for!

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