Thursday, July 21, 2011


Yesterday we picked our first blueberries.  We got about a dozen i think. I was picking them and handing them to my toddler so  i didn't actually count.  But it was enough to fill her cheeks and make her smile.  I had a few myself and they were delicious.  They are not wild type, but they have the wild blueberry flavor as promised in the seller's description.  There are more to come.  Not a full crop or anything, but not at all bad for plants i only bought last year.

Last evening hubby and i watered everything. Still no rain in sight through the 5 day forecast and into the 7 day. There is a tiny chance of thunderstorms for today, but all of the last handful of batches have completely missed us so i'm expecting nothing. Its not a statewide drought,  but my little area has been missed every time for the last few weeks now.

I'm still waiting on my kefir grains.  If Marilyn got my order by Saturday, i expect to get them this week,  if not they will likely be here next Wednesday. The mail comes at 9:45ish.  If it comes today i'll probably post another entry fur fun.

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