Monday, July 25, 2011

Relief & more kefir.

Finally cooler weather has returned!  Possibly some rain coming tonight! Its nice to not have to run the air conditioners all day and night.  We can't wait to see the power bill next month.

Oh i bought some water kefir off eBay last night. It should be coming in the next few days.  Only cost about $5 because i had some more eBay bucks on my own account. Water kefir is similar to milk keifer but they are not interchangeable. Water kefir makes a ginger beer type drink that is slightly sweet (of course you have to add the ginger root), most of the sugars (about 95-98%) is fermented away leaving a slightly alcoholic, fizzy beverage that has many health benefits.  FMI- Dom's Kefir Page .

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Leigh said...

Well, of course I had to come explore your kefir posts after your comment on my blog, LOL. I need to try some water kefir as well, because we really enjoy something like that with our Friday night pizza.