Friday, August 12, 2011

Good Tomatoes

Got some Sweet Chelsea tomatoes this morning. Just 2 so far,  the little one ate one.  They had no BER,  so it must be that German Orange Strawberry is prone to it.   That is disappointing.

I'm seriously considering plowing under a bunch of plots.   The cucumbers never recovered, the summer squash were a disaster,  weeds are everywhere.  The garden is a waste right now.  I just couldn't do anything in there this year.  My youngest won't take naps anymore so i can't get a thing done out there.  Its frustrating.

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Mal's Allotment said...

It's not easy balancing family anf "farming". If one's got to go there's no contest. We got our children interested in growing things, but they have unrealistic expectations and soon develop other interests (school and friends).

I'm glad we kept our plot ticking over while the children grew up. They also ate all that healthy produce over the years and know where there food comes from - although they think their parents are vegetable eccentrics!