Monday, December 12, 2011


No this is not a dead blog.  I have not had much going on gardeningwise, been busy but nothing really worth writing about.  I haven't even had time to read one of the many books i have been wanting to spend time with.  --Or even to crochet.

One thing i could mention is that i have started getting my seed catalogs in the mail. Pinetree Garden Seeds, Johnny's Selected Seeds and One Green World so far.  I haven't had much time to page through those yet either!

So that is it, i'm not planning to quit writing, its just on hold for now.  God bless and if i'm not back again before the month is out, have a very Merry Christmas!


Lexa said...

I hope that you had a very Merry Christmas.I read that there was a chance it was white too! May your 2012 garden be bountiful and your New Year filled with Health and Happiness!

icebear said...

Thank you! We did have a nice Christmas. It snowed 2 days before and on Christmas day we had light snow showers the whole time. It was beautiful to watch.

Then, a few days later we got lots of rain which took all of my beautiful snow away. The lawn is still green. Strangest winter EVER.

Leigh said...

There you are! I haven't had time to look at my seed catalogues either. Too much to do! Sometimes life is just like that.

icebear said...

Yeah, not much time lately- but then, i'm not planning on any new seed experimenting this year, so there's not really much to look for in the catalogs. Of course i love to look anyway, it keeps me cheerful for Spring.