Sunday, July 17, 2011


Hubby helped me string the wires for the grapes-  well 2 of the lines anyway.  I may hold off on the last two strands until next year since they won't be needed until then.

Things are starting to look like they have a purpose though.

One thing i messed up on though- and this is a perfect example of my flakiness---  the two extra stakes i had in the ground at each side of the row....   i forgot i had those there so the two Edelweiss would be able to have 2 cordon arms like the rest of them are supposed to.  So maybe later this fall i'll put the stakes back and wire them again.

I also have to decide if i want my cordons as low as i have the Marechal Foch

or as high as i have the Frontenac (or is that Reliance?).

I'll be able to decide this Spring by just cutting the trunk and keeping 2 nodes for canes to grow. (If i'm using the right words to say what i'm thinking.)

I have a Minature White cucumber that is mostly ready to pick. I'll let my oldest daughter have it. Cukes are her favorite garden produce.



Lexa said...

Ahh, but in between those few weeds is a booming vegetable garden! You are getting so much wonderful produce out of it each day now.

I am just amazed that you can grow grapes in Maine. I had no idea that there are varieties that are that cold tolerant. Your grape trellis system looks so professional. I know it is a lot of work right now, but think how much you are going to enjoy it.

Dahlias like weather best between 70-90 degrees, though they will do ok in hotter climates. They would do great in your climate. The only problem is you would have to lift them in the Fall or the tubers would definately freeze in the winter. You have a great commercial dahlia seller in your state now -
endless summer dahlia farm in Camden. They have a nice web-site too!

icebear said...

Yes, the broccoli is really coming and the squashes are gearing up.

It took a lot of research to find grapes that were cold hardy, but i was persistent and i found them. Some are Minnesota bred, they have a similar climate as we do so their grapes are very hardy.

Thanks for the tip on dahlias, i'll check out Endless Summer. Dahlias are gorgeous and so diverse. :o)