Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Thunder and rain

It would have been nice to know we were going to get heavy rain overnight and today.  I would have planted bean seeds.  Last night the forecast called for 0.08 inches of rain.  My guess is about 3.0 inches of rain.  It was nice, however,  to be woken up a few times last night by flashes of lightening and rumbles of thunder.  I find it relaxing.

If i had known,  i would have finished mounding and digging the rows and planted those green bean seeds,  i don't like to manually water if i can help it.  It would have been perfect.

But the tomatoes are enjoying it and the kales and ground cherries. It has been on the dry side since i planted and the rain was really needed.

Still,  it would have been nice to know! lol


KathyB. said...

What's up with your weather man / woman ? But of course, they only have a good idea of the weather...and weather has a way of surprising me. Usually I love to see that there are some things man cannot control, and I love rainy weather. I just hate it when gale-force winds descend on our place unpredicted though. Ruins my whole day, my whole yard, ruins our woods....

Your garden is so neat and looks like it will be bountiful,especially if you can get a handle on the weather predictions.

icebear said...

Yeah, lol. i don't know what happened with the weather people this time around. Maybe the storms just blew up too fast to predict.
We needed the rain anyhow, just i would have made plans for it. :)