Tuesday, July 10, 2012

After a few weeks

I've been busy,  not so  much in the garden but with fun family stuff.  The garden is doing well,  things are getting huge.  I'd like to post some pictures soon.

I got a new Droid Razor phone the other week.  I've been playing with  it.  I used to have just a basic flip phone which didn't even have a camera,  but this is a really cool phone.  The camera on it is better than my actual camera.  I think there is a way i can take pictures on the phone and upload them to and post on Blogger.  I haven't figured this out yet,  though i did figure out how to get things on Facebook.  So i'll be posting pics that way if i find that it can be done and i figure out how to do it.  If not i'll go back to actual camera and cable.

Well so far summer has gone nicely.

There are a ton of grape clusters,  we've gotten some nice handfulls of blueberries and they taste wonderful.  The York and Nova elderberries are in full bloom.

The temps have been  wonderful, mid and upper 70's.  We got a lot of rain about 3 weeks ago, but its been pleasantly dry since.

Well,  i'll go play with my phone and do some weeding this evening.

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