Saturday, February 16, 2013

I'm itching.. get going starting seeds.  However,  its still too soon.  I could go ahead and Wintersow i guess,  but the way these last few springs have gone,  i'm not sure how well it will work out. Wild temperature swings are not helpful.  Also,  i don't really have an open surface outside to put anything on. I do still have those two, tall greenhouses,  but i have nothing to strap them to when the wind blows.

I do need to go through my seed stash again, begin to plot my garden and clear off that pathetic excuse for a seedling shelf that gets cluttered up with all sorts of things in the off season. lol  I wish i could use my greenhouses for shelves instead.  Maybe if my mental state (which has been on a low for a few weeks) perks up i'll be able to come up with something.   The good Lord knows i have plenty of odds and ends to work with!

I know i'll have to mail order a few packets of seeds this year.  Those hibiscus seeds i want can be found at Renee's Garden Seeds for $2.99 a pack currently.

I'm going to try and start the leonotis leonuris early.  I was going to try and direct seed them,  but i have the worst luck with direct sowing and weeding.  Another reason i don't like to grow carrots. The leonotis take time to flower and we are just on the low end of being hot enough for them to really take off.  I intend to get a big head start on them. My concern with starting too early is keeping them from getting leggy before i can plant them out.

I'd like to try growing a half or whole row of sunflowers perhaps. The wild birds enjoy the seeds from my Jerusalem artichokes very much,  so maybe they'd like big sunflower discs?  I'm going to see if our oldest daughter (now 14) would like to help me select the varieties.

Ground cherries are a definite "go" for this year.  Interestingly enough, i found canned ground cherries at Reny's a few weeks ago. They were labeled as "Golden Berries". They were packed in a heavy syrup.  I picked up a couple cans for $2.99 each.  They were ok, wouldn't buy them again really  but i would consider trying to can them myself if i could find some recipe guidelines.  I have also seen them sold on the interwebz in dried form.  Quite expensive. I do have a dehydrator.  Lots of the berries went to waste last year simply because i couldn't keep up and they can be somewhat tedious to harvest.

We're planning to use plastic mulch in the rows this year to keep down on those cursed weeds.  It seems that every year the worst thing that happens is that the weeds take over so quickly. I just can't seem to keep up.
I'm considering the possibility that the plastic mulch might make the ground cherries easier to harvest.

I'll also have to do something about tomato blight.  It took my plants down so quickly i didn't have a chance.

Since today is Friday (it took me three days to pick this entry into existence), i'll plan on making use of any uninterrupted time on Saturday to look through seeds.  I especially need to get my garden mapped out and printed off before my GrowVeg subscription runs out.

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