Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Seeds came in

Order from Pinetree is in:

 photo 2013-02-26_10-39-42_786_zpsdfb0b7a4.jpg

and for the heck of it,  here's the hibiscus from Renee's

 photo 2013-02-26_10-39-56_814_zps635ddb9d.jpg

Right now i'm boiling some water to saturate my seed starting mix.  I have used Miracle Grow's brand of seed starter for a few years and my only issue with it is that it is so dry right from the bag that it is impossible to water.  The peat just floats and it takes days before the water seeps in.  So,  i'm going to pour very hot water straight into the bags and see if it helps.  I have done this before with very dry peat moss and sphagnum moss.  This should also help sterilize the soil better.  It will take ages to cool,  which is no big deal because i'm not quite ready to plant yet.

This weekend i may plant the hibiscus and leonotis if i get my lights hooked up to my mini greenhouses.  I'm having a hard time deciding how to do this simply and still allow me to raise the lights as the time goes.  I don't have enough chain to keep the lights low.

I'm almost tempted to buy more seeds,  but i really need to stop.  I have enough!  Really!

I did get my seedling heat mat.  I found a nice one on Amazon for about $26.00.  It should be here by Thursday since we have Prime with free 2 day shipping.


Leigh said...

A seedling heat mat? Hmmm. Sounds like something I need in our cold house. I do love it when the seed orders come in.

icebear said...

Yeah, i had one a long time ago, but it died after two seasons. :(

i finally went ahead and got a new one. Hopefully this one lasts longer!
I need it for my sweet peppers, i've had dismal luck with them over the last few years, so this time i'm going to start them well ahead and see how that goes.

Dewberry said...

I see that you have nice pockets of seeds! I like the design :) Looks vintage.

icebear said...

Pinetree does have nice packets. It makes the seed box just that much more cheery. :o)