Monday, March 25, 2013


I've got one parsley seedling finally up

 photo IMG_20130325_103045_459_zps529e1ef5.jpg

one pair of Zsa Za peppers

 photo IMG_20130325_103013_830_zps2a92c7ae.jpg

Tea Hibiscus

 photo IMG_20130325_102913_045_zps3d3883d6.jpg

Then the Raveena eggplant and Snapper peppers

 photo IMG_20130325_102842_887_zpsc03fec7c.jpg

Looks like none of the Brussels sprouts are coming up,  though the broccoli are already germinated.  I took the Brussels out of my garden plan because i just don't care.  I removed them so i could put the Minnesota Midget melons in their place.  I'll save the pots for cucumbers or something.

I'd like to get some tomatoes started today.  My Ancient sweet peppers were mailed out on Friday,  so i should see them in a couple more days.  I'll want to start them as soon as they come in the mail.  If they just happen to come today,  i'll definitely make time for tomatoes and them.


KathyB. said...

Now I know we have no excuse not to start our vegetables if you're doing so well in Maine. Maybe in a week we'll be making progress. You have a good start there.

Now about Brussels sprouts, I love them. You've got to plant Brussels sprouts! Why do you think your Brussels sprouts have not germinated? Do melons do well in your garden?

icebear said...

I absolutely love Brussels sprouts, but had no luck with them each time i have tried. The sprouts end up tiny or large and loose. The seeds i had left were older seeds, so they may have been too old.

As far as melons go, i have had no luck with the large varieties. They get to the size of a candle pin bowling ball and then its too cold for them to ripen. The Minnesota Midget are supposed to be large tomato sized and ripen quite early compared to large melons. They are also only 3' vines... Assuming they do well in Minnesota i should have a shot at getting nice ripe ones up here too. Compact and early are the things i need in melons, i really have high hopes for them this year!