Saturday, March 16, 2013

Today's seed starting

My parents have our daughters for an overnight stay,  which means i can play with seeds in peace :o)

I planted:

Tea hibiscus
Red Russian kale
Green shiso
Red shiso
General broccoli
Waltham broccoli
Aunt Molly's ground cherries
Bubbles Brussels sprouts

My Raveena eggplants are all up.  No word from the sweet peppers and parsley.   The Raveena have almost 100% germination,  making me wish i had only planted one seed per pot.  I hate thinning.  It seems such a waste.  I'll never get over that.  lol


DFW said...

I'd love to try the Raveena. None of my black beauties have germinated yet. And, I'm having a heck of a time with herbs this year. Cilantro is the only herb doing well for me.

icebear said...

Raveena has been ok for me, i had one year where it did well, but others where it simply fizzled. I'm hoping this year's earlier start will be key.

I had some good luck with cilantro one year, i found the second sowing to be better than the first spring planting. I love cilantro, thanks for the reminder, i'll have to add it to this years' list!