Saturday, January 3, 2015

Sketchy notes. Idea fragments.

Garden tubes... use upholstery tube bags...fill with soil..
 Poke holes and plant inside...
  Use water beads to retain moisture.  Maybe inbed with vinyl or other cheap, flexible tubing to water throughly.

Make grow light frame from 2x4 and use the wire grates from the big greenhouse as shelves. Similar design as the grow light frames in garden catalogs.

Line the JA side of the garden with straw bales and plant watermelons in them ; Start researching straw bale gardening.


Leigh said...

I came by to see how you are doing and find a rather intriguing post! My imagination came up with some interesting images; hopefully there will be some photos to follow up here soon. :)

icebear said...

i've been so busy with work.... but its also given me some ideas. i work at a fabric and craft store. we have these upholstery bags that are about 4 feet long and have around a 15" circumference. i think they could make some interesting borders or something that could fit into tight spaces or smother out weeds for a season.... lots of thoughts on that! ;)