Saturday, June 20, 2015

Woodchuck, part 33 1/3

Saw a woodchuck in the left side neighbor's backyard this morning before i headed off to work. It is a big one. I went and checked the garden. It ate all but 2 of my soybeans and nipped off 3 of my sunflowers.  I got out the habanero pepper spray i made last summer and gave everything a light spritz.
Arrived home after work this evening (after a few additional errands) and saw it (him? based on the large size) on the right side of the garden- where the soybeans 'were'...  it exited under the fence.

Another quick inspection. Seems nothing further was damaged. (Well i did see some munches taken off the Jerusalem Artichokes,  but it would take a cow to do any significant damage to that.)  He was in full line of sight of our Basset Hound, who likely barked incessantly at him,  hopefully making him uncomfortable enough to not relax and feed.  I set the Havahart humane trap with an ear of sweetcorn.  Its supposed to rain tomorrow.  Woodchucks don't stop eating for rain and i don't know if the pepper spray sticks well. I have work tomorrow. Time will tell.

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