Friday, May 20, 2016

Last seeds started and planting has begun

I had the 17th off  so i got the mints, cukes, melons, sunflowers and other herbs started.

I had two days off in a row earlier last week so i got the fencing started:

Finished that today.

I planted the Okra, hot and sweet peppers and many of the tomatoes.

The larger Carmine Jewel cherry tree is doing well

It was in full bloom today with at least 5 types of bees plundering the blossoms.

It might be a bit on the early side to plant but it is rush time at my new job and i don't have another day off until the 25th. The weather forecasts claim night temperatures won't go below 45 F for the next 6 days. The black plastic heats the soil beneath a few extra degrees so i expect there to be something of a micro-climate going on.

I also got the 6 Pineberry plants installed in the empty spots in the strawberry bed that were left by the plants that didn't make it.  

I'll put down a list of which tomatoes, peppers and etc i actually put in today, in another post.

I'm in for a 9 hour day tomorrow - one hour is a break,  but for home improvement centers,  this is like the second to last weekend before Christmas up here.  Memorial Day weekend is considered the traditional 3 days of "getting the garden in" since we almost never have frosty weather after that.   Though i have noticed by taking notes and referring to my blog that it is pretty darn safe about 3 weeks before that, give or take a few days.

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