Monday, April 10, 2017

Cleanup day



Still more to go but the plastic is in great shape for this experiment of not tilling this year.


Mal said...

The football has gone but you left the hula hoop! I have become a convert to weed suppressant fabric, but still working out how to deal with it. Do you rely on liquid feed?

icebear said...

Yes, it really wasn't much of an improvement even after removing the ball, lol!

I do use liquid fertilizer so far it is working. I'm using the concentrated Miracle Grow Liquafeed and alternate that with fish emulsion. I hooked up a soap injector made for pressure washers to my soaker hose setup and it seems to function nicely without clogging anything up.
I'm going to give this plastic sheeting another year and replace it the following. I might consider fabric- expecting that it is porous - but continue using the soaker hose underneath.

It has been so much better not having to weed every other day rain or shine.