Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ladybugs and sprouting ryegrass

Looks like the winter rye is beginning to try and sprout.  We have had a couple sunny days and mild temperatures- it has been very pleasant actually.  Last week i was certain that summer was totally over and it was going to be 30 degrees or lower for the rest of the year. I do love winter, but i like having a real Autumn with cool temps and fresh breezes, not mushy, moldy cold and damp gray skies.

Since i'm blogging, i notice i am starting to take pics of things i normally probably wouldn't bother with. Not sure if it is anywhere near as interesting to see the pics as it is to take them,  but this is just as much a journal as it is a blog, so if i have an audience at all,  you poor souls are just along for the ride!

here's the Sprouting Ryegrass pics.  You can see the germ swelling and a teensy bit of blade starting to emerge from the seed:


While i was out, i noticed the warm & sunny day was moving other things as well.


Lots of them.  Not 100's or 1,000's....  but quite a few.  They are the Asiatic ones,  the imports that swarm, stink and sometimes get agressive.


This camera does not do macro shots very well.... or is it Operator Incompetence ?

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Faith said...

I'm grateful our ladybug problem has been diminishing the last couple of years. I took a bug bomb to the shed near the house last fall, or maybe it was spring, but it was when they were swarming and it did wonders. The floor was an inch thick with them!

So smelly!

I love your pics! :o)