Thursday, October 22, 2009

More tree removal!

I believe i have established my almost complete hatred for the Box Elder variety of tree, so today, much to my delight,  the neighbors who live down the road decided to remove the trees that are across the road in front of our house!

I was so excited to see this day finally come, that i happily took my camera in hand to document the process!

It took me a while before i realized what was going on, i really thought maybe they were just going to prune them because it seems everyone around here thinks that these hideous trees are just dandy.

I gotta get me one of these!

The house in the picture is not the home of the same people that own the spit of land that the trees are on.  I consider the people that live in this house among our nice neighbors.  They have two girls about my daughter's age and they make good friends,  though all of us adults are too busy to do much together.

Like butter!!!


Just a little off the top...



I was so happy i couldn't stop taking pictures!



Gonna have to nickname him Eileene



The long gray building is the home the tree owners live in. Its a family apartment since the grandparents own it and their kids and grand kids live there.  Not a bad setup with all that space i imagine is in there.


Then they chipped up the branches, left the logs for later and that was it for the day!  They started around 1:00 and were done by 4:30.
Not a bad day's work.

This view is in an easterly direction.  We will be getting lots of afternoon sun through our living room windows now!


Faith said...


I love trees so much, a part of me hates that, but yes those BE can be a pain. And your view is opened up by leaps and bounds.

Could do a LOT with one of those cherry pickers, couldn't we! LOL um... work purposes only, of course.


icebear said...

Yes of course!

Oh, i love trees too, but BE are just giant weeds... and i don't label plants as weeds very lightly. Give me oak, beech, maple, pine or any fruit tree any day... but some trees are simply awful! lol