Friday, April 16, 2010

41 degrees in the greenhouse this morning. i have been trying to think of something non electrical to warm things up out there, but i can't.  Other than bricks heated in the oven. But i'm not going to do that because i don't want the oven running all day and the bricks would be too hot. The water bottles are probably my only real option.

I got my ship notification from Specialty Perennials this morning. I expect my seeds should arrive sometime next week. I can't wait to get the Leonotis leonurus started. I like orange and yellow flowers the best and the leonotis have such an interesting shape and the color is cheerful.  It looks a bit weedy, but i like it anyway. Hubby got me a couple more bags of seed starting mix. The Miracle Grow brand, not the Jiffy.  The MG is heavy compared to the Jiffy, but the Jiffy stuff made me mad being so water resistant.

I got my Richters order in today, so i will have some more things to start growing.  Some need a month or more of stratification so it would be smart to start those as soon as i can.

I posted to the gardenweb orchard section about my apple trees, i hope i can get some help!
What i would really like is if someone would put my pictures into a photo editing program and make marks where i should cut. I really need advice about the big one that has the bent trunk.

My dad was going to bring a few loads of loam from a local place today, but we decided that there wouldn't be much point in buying it when we might be able to wait another week or so and use the stuff that he's been composting.  If i buy it, it will only cost about $100, but why pay it if i don't have to.  The manure cost about $40 in gas.  My dad will need 4 loads for himself, so we are glad that the stuff itself is free.
Dragging in loam now won't speed anything up, and the wet weather we are getting isn't expected to be drenching, just dreary and chilly.  My parents will be leaving for their vacation in a bit as well, so this can  be done when they get back.

Another thing i have to do is research Bokashi composting...  the indoor worm farm is doing great, but i like to think about different things and try them.

So i will be updating my seed stash list today and my Gardenweb trade list if i get the time to do it.

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Faith said...

I think you just came up with an online business idea!!! LOL

Yup, I had the same experience with the Jiffy mix. Could not get it to absorb water.

Many years ago, I put an ad out in our local weekly ad magazine letting people know that if they wanted a place to dump their horse manure, I would take it.

The ad was so successful that I only had to run it a couple times. People would willingly shovel their stalls into their trucks and deliver it, dropping it where I pointed, which was on top of my plot for the next year's garden. Within two months I had a 25 by 75 foot plot covered with a foot of horse manure. LOL

It was a win-win situation. :o)