Thursday, April 15, 2010


Got the electric fence today. I like it, looks very complete and i hope it will work to keep out the woodchucks!
I can't wait to watch it get to work...!

I keep checking the Jerusalem Artichoke patch and have been wondering if they are going to show up.  The rhubarb looks so happy that i imagine the soil has warmed enough for the JA's to appear.

But i think i see them now.  These are in the area i marked with the Red Rover tag, from Oikos:

There are two patches...

They seem to have been there for some time, but the days have been cool, so i am almost unsure if they are the JA's. I really hope the rest didn't get eaten. The seed tubers were not cheap.  I am almost considering beginning a small cottage industry selling them on eBay if i get inundated.  According to what i read about their productivity levels, the amount i planted should feed my family and the neighborhood for a year...  but if something ate most of them then i might get enough for a few meals every now and then through early winter.

Its supposed to be cold tomorrow, maybe even some wet snow...uggh.  But temps are not expected to get to the freezing mark, but prolonged cold with no sun to warm my greenhouses might not be good. But the  Wintersowing method seems to imply that bringing in the flats shouldn't be necessary.  I'm not so sure about that. I might bring them in anyway, at least some of them. Or just supply them with hot water bottles. I have squash and cucumbers sprouting and watermelon, those have me worried.  They aren't as rugged as the broccoli or even the tomatoes.
The weather may change and it may be warmer than they expect, if it stays in the 40's inside the greenhouses, all should be fine.

I hope. lol

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Faith said...

I've been doing the same with ours. I see the same plants growing up, so those must be it. :o)