Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Getting small stuff done.

55 at noon, at least its pretty out. Later on yesterday i did get to trimming that Silky Dogwood....




This morning i had to put together the light shelf for the Hen & Chicks seedlings.  I have all the stuff handy, it just takes gathering it all. My oldest daughter stayed home from school today because she isn't feeling well, so she was able to watch her sister for me.

And this is what i put together:

Just two cheap snap-together shelves that i have had for a long time and 4 cup hooks...two standard shop lights and bulbs.

I used my old woodburning tool to melt holes in the sides of the shelf for the cup hooks to go through.

Then underneath, i used some putty epoxy to attach the screws of the hooks securely to the shelf

The seedlings are so tiny...  its just to the left of the toothpick

two more in between...

Outside pictures:


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