Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Its cold out there now. The remote thermometer in the smaller greenhouse says it got down to 33F in there last night.  It has warmed up to 37F now at 7am.  I had some squash sprouted and tomatoes, so i hope things are ok in there.

We are being warned of a hard freeze tonight, so i might pull out a few old blankets and put some hot water in 2 liter bottles and place those in the greenhouses around 10 pm just to keep things above freezing.

The Hen & Chicks seeds i planted are already sprouting. I am going to have to bang together a light shelf for them today. I wasn't expecting them to sprout in 5 days!  The cold weather we are having makes setting them outside a non-option.

I have some other stuff that will need to be sown under lights anyway.

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