Thursday, April 22, 2010

Just some reference pictures...

In a few blogs i read there are pictures of seedlings. Those who have a higher zone number than i do, their seedlings are giant. Some of those gardeners still have a couple weeks before their planting date still....  i think mine is about 35 days away at the least....  my seedlings sure look puny compared to those early planters.  This year is an experiment to see if Wintersowing actually gives me a boost on a short season or if i break even.  I hope it won't delay...  but if it breaks even, i have to say that having the seed flats outside is a relief, since the inside of the house isn't severely cluttered from it. I only have a light shelf for the houseplant type seedlings.

Anyway, here's the pics:

Burgundy Okra

Bright Lights Swiss Chard

Point One Cabbage

I half hope this is the Strawberry. Out of 27 seeds its the only one up so far... :-/

Shiso, also spelled "Shisho"...

Should be a poppy. Out of most of a packet of seeds, only a few are showing up...  i sowed a whole flat.

Assorted melons, squashes and cucumbers

French Marigolds...  i let them get too dry by mistake, lost a few. But i have more seeds.

Gypsy Broccoli

Buttercrunch Lettuce

Polfast tomato

Purple tomatillo

Pruden's Purple tomato

Yellow Pear tomatoes

Collards and Pak Choi

Welsh Onions and Mirage Shallots

Chives all the way back, second from front on the left is the Burdock, left front is purple kohlrabi and then Red Russian kale on the right.  The other things are being slow to germinate.

Peppers, eggplant, a melon or two  and some very old tomato seeds that i am almost shocked to see them germinate at all, much less be numerous!

Sweet basil

Sweet marjoram

no less sweet itself.....Genovese basil...

And little grape is doing well.


Faith said...

Grrrr. I SO wish I had time to blog, so much to talk about!

I need to show you the J Arts you sent me. They're doing great. Was checking into marigolds yesterday, mine reseeded, but I have no idea what kind they were or what they'll come out like. French ones are supposed to be true to seed, I believe.

Basils are just coming up on their own right now from reseeding.

I don't like to eat okra, but I love to grow it. It has beautiful foliage and flowers. :o)


icebear said...

yes, you need to update! i bet you have been busy, wasn't there another Ball to attend?

my JA's are coming up more now. the Red Rover were the first to appear, next it looks like the Stampede, the red and white Fuseaus are not visible yet.
I hope yours take off in a reasonable way. They are supposed to be good famine crops, so if nothing else grows for either of us, we should at least get JA's. LOL

I like okra for the most part, i like it best raw and a few pods at a time. a side dish of it is too much. it does not grow super well up here, but it is such a pretty plant that i grow some every year that i can, its perfect to pluck and munch on as i putter around the garden. the Burgundy type i am trying this year is supposed to be red all over, quite ornamental.

I love basil... i am convinced that Heaven smells like basil in the warm sun.