Saturday, April 24, 2010


So...  what do i do with 20 some-odd Rosemary seedlings?
I don't have 20 some-odd pots or the potting soil for them...  they are rapidly outgrowing their pie tin...
Had i expected a decent germination rate i would not have been unprepared.  Or actually, i would not have used all my seeds.

Got this mossy green algae stuff all over. Looks kinda neat.

I think i'll have to resort to plastic dixie cups and grab another bag of potting soil...

The asparagus seedlings began to come up today. I didn't get a picture, but they are really small anyway. They look just like tiny asparagus spears, lol.

Most everything i have planted has at least one sprout so far.  I'll have to write a list of them so i don't forget.

I got the little citrus plants potted up too.  They look good. No time for pictures again.

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