Monday, April 12, 2010


We have poop.  Its everywhere.

More sawdust in it than i wanted, but it is broken down enough that it has no odor left, so i think it will do fine for free. 
Only problem is that the guy who gave it to us lives over an hour away...which my dad didn't tell me until Friday.  He seemed a little miffed when i asked about getting it, i had not realized how much time it would take to get me a couple loads.  So i was a little less enthusiastic about things at that point.  He was also a little irritated about the yard waste compost thing,  there is still standing water  around where the pile is...  which i didn't know until he told me.
I had thought everything was "wait and see" so i had asked about it, which i hadn't done for over a month. 
I guess everyone is just moody lately.

 Hubby got it spread out.

I might hack at these in the next day or so, too big and too much going on with branches in there.

I tried to prune the apples the other day, but i lost my nerve. I snipped off the dead bits and took a few swipes at some watersprouts, but i really have no idea what to do.  I'm hoping to get some help at Gardenweb, ask someone in the orchard section if they can look at pictures of the trees and give me some hints and tell me if its worth it.  I will probably be told to call my extension service, an answer i am tired of getting.   I ask "What type of corn grows best for you?" and i get the answer "Call your local extension" .  Gaah!  That was not what i was looking for. I wanted a discussion not a phone number.

Its supposed to be cold all week and the wind is getting to me.  

This is simply not a good week i suppose.  I guess i'll go hack at some unsuspecting shrubbery.

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