Tuesday, April 27, 2010


GOt a whole cup of coffee spilled onto my laptop keyboard. Not sure if i killed the laptop dead or just made it very sick.  Hubby is going to try and see if he can make it live again,  but if not i will have to borrow hubby or the oldest daughter's computer if i plan to journal.  I do have a mini netbook i could use, but i loaned it out to my mother and i think she will have it for a few more days.  So, unless i get a new one, or the old one survives...or i use the netbook, i might not get a chance to update here and may have to go back to a paper bnotebook for a while.

We'll see how it goes.

Meanwhile i have some graph papering i need to do...also want to use graph paper to try and rearrange the livingroom.  So of course i have plenty to do with the extra 15 minutes a day that i won't be typing stuff here.


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Faith said...

Hope it's going to be OK!

This first one I've used to design a 50,000 square foot home. LOL Fun stuff for rainy days....