Monday, April 26, 2010


Counted them all up...

Type - Name - Number Sprouted / Number Planted

Sweet pepper, Zsa Zsa- 0/0
Eggplant, Slim Jim- 2/5
Sweet pepper, New Ace- 0/0
Hot pepper, Fooled You Jalapeno- 2/5
Tomato, Roma- 5/5
Tomato, Black from Tula- 2/5
Tomato, Garden Peach- 3/5
Melon, Rocky Ford- 5/5
Melon, Hale's Best- 5/5
Melon, Banana - 5/5
Summer Squash, Patty Pan- 3/5
Watermelon, Tom Watson- 2/5
Watermelon, Pony Yellow- 2/5
Cucumber, Alibi- 3/5
Cucumber, Summer Dance - 5/5
Artichoke, Imperial Star - 2/5 (one looks scrawny, doubt it will grow)
Winter Squash, Long Isl. Cheese- 3/5
Summer Squash, Sundance- 5/5
Squash, Carnival 5/5
Winter Squash, Red Eye- 4/5
Tomatillo, Purple - 6
Tomato, Polfast- 5
Tomato, Pruden's Purple - 3
Tomato, Yellow Pear- 3
Broccoli, Gypsy - 7
Lettuce, Buttercrunch -5
Cauliflower, Graffiti - 1 (the rest got sun/windburn, need to reseed)
Collards, Vates - 6/6
Pak Choi,     - 6/6
Chives -7
Burdock - 7/9
Kale, Red Russian- 9/9
Kohlrabi,     -7/9
Asparagus, Mary Washington - 14/50 (just started sprouting, the other flat planted later has not started yet)
Genovese Basil- 9/9
Chervil- 9/9
Marjoram - 9/9
Sweet Basil -9/9
Anise- 7/9
Strawberry- 1/27 (and i'm not convinced it is a strawberry sprout, very disappointing)
Shiso - 1/3
Cabbage, Point One -4/9
Sage- 7/9
Okra, Burgundy- 8/9
Bird House Gourd - 2/9
Nasturtium - 3/9

Red onions, white onions, shallots, welsh onions...  most are up and going, but i'm not going to count those right yet. Also some flower seeds are up, but since they get planted randomly in different places  (companion planting or flower garden) i don't need to count them for calculating veggie garden space. Same with some, but not all, of the herbs and some things that were planted recently and are not (as expected) up yet.


Faith said...

This ought to keep you busy. :o)


icebear said...

yes! ha ha

and i still have direct sow stuff.

but i needed to use up some old seed that was pushing age too far. so i used up lots of tomato seed. i'll decide this year if i plan to grow any of those types again... though the Roma and Yellow Pear will likely be a permanent selection. We like a dryer tomato in our house and with kids, cherry type tomatoes tend to be a good bet for snacking.