Friday, May 7, 2010

Hoops are up... well, many of them

But less than half, but its not a bad thing.

This tool is great, but it is hard on my small girlish hands...

Um, so...  i didn't measure all that well when i marked my template pipe that i was using to mark out each cut.  So my sockets are all one foot, one inch long.  I was going for 12"....  so i have one short useless piece  of waste pipe from each length.  But it looks like some of my sockets actually need that extra inch, so i'm not going to dwell on it.

I put the string back up cause i was having trouble keeping the sockets in a straight enough line.
And i got my big hammer and my 4' measuring stick.

It takes extra whacks if i find a rock... and i did a few times.

Good 'nuff

Do that another..16 times.

Then pop in the hoops... that is the fun part!

I make sure the print on the pipe is facing the back.  Just to make things look a teensy bit more professional. lol

I really like the way this looks...  Wonder if Jonah would agree?

Beat pipe in another 16 times and viola!  Another whale's ribcage.

Now the burning question....

Will my childbearing hips fit between the rows?

Ok,  yes i do fit, but i was really worried for a while.  I also have to be able to lean into the rows between the hoops without putting my bottom through the other row.  I tip over a lot, so falling into the other rows is a real possibility!

A good day's work.
I like the look of it,  i wonder if the neighbors think i am crazy.  You really can't miss these, even though  its in the back.

Lilacs definitely bloomed early this's a giant bouquet i picked yesterday

And these guys are being hardened-off to get stuck in the garden in just a few more days

I might try to cut some more pipe....

...and i just noticed that the weather forecast is threatening night time lows of 31 degrees on Sunday night. Arrgh.  It might  change...?

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Faith said...

Those look fantastic!

I love your lilacs. So beautiful.