Saturday, May 8, 2010


I am am a seedling thin-o-phobe.  I hate to thin seedlings,, i usually avoid having to do it by only dropping one seed if i think i can get away with it. But yesterday evening i decided i needed to thin my buttercrunch lettuce and some of the pak choi peat pellets had two plants in them.  I figured i had waited long enough,  i had wanted the thinnings to be large enough for eating.  I also thinned out a couple collards.

I got quite a bit, probably enough to put on a few burgers, but we ate them right up. I didn't even think to take pictures until it was mostly gone.

Its a big deal enough to take a picture because this represents  the first harvest of any sort this year.

The pak choi were about 3 inches high, the buttercrunch was about 6 inches and the collards were just getting their 4th set of leaves.

It was all pretty yummy, we each had a few bites. They didn't need dressing.

Technically they didn't come from the garden, but its still the first edible of the year grown at home.

I got to make my Avocado soup today also.  Its a cold soup, basically a guacamole.

3 Avocadoes
2 cups water
2.5 teaspoons Lowry's seasoned salt
1 cup heavy cream
juice of one lemon

avocadoes, lemon juice, seasond salt and water go into the processor or blender.  Wizz 'till smooth. Then add the cream and pulse to mix it in, blend too long and it will become butter, so just get it combined. Then chill it at least one hour.
If i had cilantro that would be a garnish. I think i have sour cream, a dollop in the center of the serving bowl will go nice.  I do have some green onion,  i'll probably garnish with that too.
Its a Low Carb delight.
I also made some deviled eggs with a nice pate' i bought at a local sausage kitchen. It has black truffle in it.  Wish i could garnish the eggs with caviar...  lol.  Yeah,  i don't get caviar too often, but sometimes i like to pretend i could.  Even if i had the money for good caviar, i'd probably spend it on something far more practical.... and likely enjoy it longer.

But caviar, pate'... the closet foodie in me just loves to think about it.

Well, as of yesterday we have officially had Molly for a week.  She is getting on well with us. I think she was depressed for the first few days, she wouldn't eat.  She drank well enough, but not her food. But she would accept treats, so i knew it wasn't anything serious.  She is eating normally now.
She prefers to spend much of the day outside, so i put a temporary tie-up out there.  We haven't decided where to put her permanent tether stake yet.  I have her in a nice shady spot in the grass and she goes from napping in the sun to the shade from late morning to early afternoon when she likes to come in and stretch out on the cool tiles of the kitchen floor.  In the evenings, she naps on the armchair we designated as 'hers'.
She is a good dog for a small house and a small yard. They don't need miles of walking or large open spaces to run.So that is good. But she is a beggar.  A shameless beggar. So we gate her away from any room where there is food.

But its all fine.

Got to decide what to do with that grape plant. Its still in its pot.  It will need a trellis of some type so i need to decide how to peg up a single plant or decide if i want more than one and then what will i do?

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Faith said...

I'm the same way about thinning. I suspect that when I get tired of leggy plants, I'll learn to love it much more.

This year I am spacing them out wider than last, for sure. I had a lot of broccoli heads, but they were all small. Lots of places for bugs to hide that I could not get at as well.

I like this recipe. I also love a jalepeno pineapple soup. So incredibly refreshing on a warm day.