Thursday, May 13, 2010

Just reminding myself...

I need to prioritize the Parsnip planting today.  I feel like i am so far behind. Probably because half the other blogs i read are by people who live at least one zone south of me and that puts me about a week to 10 days behind them per zone. But i can keep myself in check to some extent by reading the Johnny's Seeds blog. They are in my zone so i can pretty much follow their lead.
They had Globe Artichokes survive the winter under their row covers this year.  I think that is awesome. They are taking root divisions and planting them out right about now.  My Imperial Star Artichoke (same as theirs) seedlings withstood the hard frost of the other day and that softened the blow of losing all else. Artichokes are up at the top of my list for favorite veggies, like in the top 5...and i'm a vegeholic. But its hard to grow them up here and the grocery stores want a lot for them.... other than pickled or canned, there isn't much else to get. Pickled and canned are fine, but fresh is a goal i'd like to achieve.

The Jerusalem Artichokes are looking good. Getting taller, it looks like all 4 varieties are making a good showing. I can't wait to try the different ones side-by-side and see what characteristics they have.

Found this Video on YouTube.  I hope it links.  I need a hoe like this cause i think it will save me a lot of trouble if i can imitate this method.

Circa 1:38 pm

I got the parsnips planted. So that is one thing accomplished today. I also put up the last 2 hoops that i still had. I need to get the rest of them this weekend and install them so i can get the broccoli and suchlike out there.

My used books are on their way,  their estimated delivery dates are both June 3...

I am reading "Root Cellaring" now, so far it is interesting.


Faith said...

Darn! I already commented, but I closed the page before the code confirmation appeared, so it didn't take. I always kick myself for that.

I'll try again.

Elliot! My FAVORITE!!!!!

He's so cool!

I don't have a hoe like that, but I'd like to get one, as I don't like the results I'm getting from my cultivating. I really like staying upright, too.

I always feel inferior when I look at other people's gardens.


icebear said...

yeah, his lettuces all look so straight and disciplined! haha