Thursday, May 13, 2010


I took some pictures the other evening. They were taken near a baseball field where our daughter's softball team plays sometimes.

It was so cold out,  but the surrounding forest looked so green and lush.

My new camera lens has some lint inside it, so it is really hard to get the focus right.

 The big tree looks like it wanted to lay down for a nap.

These are pictures i like to look at on hot summer days...


Faith said...

I love that scenery. :o)

That's a dogwood leaf and flower, but it looks like it's just a baby?


icebear said...

That's what i thought it looked like too, it might be some sort of dogwood, the are everywhere in the woods up here and they are only about 5 inches high. I'll have to do some searching to see if i can figure out what they are. I have passed by so many all my life, never got the chance to take a picture of them until now.

icebear said...

Ahh, i found it. It is a type of Dogwood... called a Bunchberry.
I have seen it with red berries but never made the connection. They are edible berries, can be made into jelly.
Fascinating :0)